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Sony Vegas has a one-time purchase option that comes bundled with its family products. Dolby Digital Sound, FXHOME, New Blue FX, and i Zotope.It has much more to offer but after all it’s a matter of preference.[link] We Video has taken video editing to next level.Eliminating the need of installing, configuring video editing programs on your Computer.The following list highlights the most feature rich video editing applications for Microsoft Windows.It contains both free and paid options in case you are tight with budget.

Also, it can run on your old 32-bit (x86) PC or Mac without breaking a sweat.Unlike Adobe Premiere, it has built-in visual effects which is a plus point.It works well even on lower end machines especially those running on AMD CPU and GPU’s.WLMM does not come by default in Windows 10, you have to download it from Microsoft website.[link] Adobe has launched a separate program for home users, called Adobe Premiere Elements.It means, it can deliver more prominent message and let you share your memories to the people in a proper manner.

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