Updating frontpage website


There were also issues with the web server code that made the aforementioned dynamic elements so easy to implement. In the old days of the World Wide Web, creating and publishing web pages required strong technical skills.You had to format your content using HTML code, often using little more than a text editor.Of course, the folks developing Word Press responded to user demands for ease of use and customization.

By then, blogging, a web-based way for non-tech-savvy content creators to post their renderings, was becoming increasingly popular.Frontpage's solution lay in its Frontpage server extensions, which were automatically-generated server-side scripts that allowed site creators to make pages that responded to user input.There was even a stripped-down, free version of Frontpage that came with Internet Explorer 4, 5, and Windows 98: Frontpage Express.Despite the widespread use of web authoring software like Frontpage, many people still felt that web publishing's barriers to entry were too high, particularly when it came to creating dynamic sites.Writers, artists, and business types alike wanted both to share ideas and stimulate discussion without having to buy or learn expensive software.Later, when the Twenty Ten Theme became available, its clean lines and navigable interface made it enormously popular.

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