Radiocarbon dating and the bible

The answer might lie with a stone seal discovered in Israel in 1964.The seal’s iconography includes a double cobra, a Horus falcon, and a winged sun disk, which Old Testament scholar Marjo Korpel interprets to suggest a connection to royalty.But archaeologists initially had trouble connecting the seal specifically to Queen Jezebel. Korpel’s work has also been challenged by experts like Christopher Rollston, who notes that the missing portion is large enough to suggest at least five missing letters, rather than the two Korpel suggests could have spelled out “Jezebel.” Since the root “zbl” was quite common in ancient Semitic languages, the missing letters could make any number of different names or words.Rollston also argues that the seal contains no title or family name, which might be expected from a royal seal.In 2014, four physics students from the University of Leicester tested the instructions given in the Book of Genesis for constructing Noah’s ark.They wanted to see if the 300-cubit-long, 50-cubit-wide, 30-cubit-high ark would actually float.But whether from archaeological finds or physics students reconstructing Noah’s ark, we’re amassing more scientific evidence every year.

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(To reduce the space needed inside the ark, babies or young specimens of huge animals like elephants could have been used.) And how did Noah get all these animals in the first place?I don't adjudicate on issues that may or not fall into this category but prayerfully defer to God & Jesus.Many people think the stories in the Bible couldn’t possibly be true.In one passage, Jezebel forged Ahab’s seal on documents to persuade the Israelites to accept her religion and abandon their own.This didn’t go down well and she was ultimately thrown out of a window to be eaten by dogs.That’s the same weight as roughly 2.1 million sheep. There are as many as eight million distinct species out there today, but the majority could survive a flood without being brought aboard the ark.

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