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“This giant house feels so empty without her beautiful spirit warming it from within.

Though we all may not have been blood, we are now, and have always been a Inurnment will be at a later date in Arlington National Cemetery, for now she is at home with her family, safe, happy and loved.

A reactor in France, where nuclear is the primary source of power, is six years behind schedule and more than twice as expensive as projected.

Nuclear, however has bucked the trend, instead demonstrating a sort of “negative learning curve” over time.

But there are other reasons nuclear power is in trouble as well. nuclear power generation might be the source of just 10% of electricity, half of production now, because 38 reactors producing a third of nuclear power are past their 40-year life span, and another 33 reactors producing a third of nuclear power are over 30 years old.

Far more plants are in danger of closing than are being built (37 or more may close). The Achilles heel of civilization is our dependency on trucks of all kinds, which run on diesel fuel because diesel engines are far more powerful than steam, gasoline, electric or any other engine on earth (Vaclav Smil. Prime Movers of Globalization: The History and Impact of Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines. Billions of trucks (and equipment) are required to keep the supply chains going that every person and business on earth depends on, as well as mining, agriculture, road / construction, logging trucks and so on) Since trucks can’t run on electricity, anything that generates electricity is not a solution, nor is it likely that the electric grid can ever be 100% renewable (read “When trucks stop running”, this can’t be explained in a sound-bite), or that we could replace billions of diesel engines in the short time left. Although some will have their licenses extended, 37 reactors that produce half of nuclear power are at risk of closing because of economics, breakdowns, unreliability, long outages, safety, and expensive post-Fukushima retrofits (Cooper 2013. This is almost impossible since a safer 3400 MW gas plant can be built for .5 billion in half the time.

In Europe the situation is similar, with a couple of particularly egregious examples casting a pall over the industry.

Construction began for a new reactor at the Finnish Olkiluoto 3 plant in 2005 but won’t finish until 2018, nine years late and more than US billion over budget.

According to a study for the Department of energy society would need to prepare for the peaking of world oil production 10 to 20 years ahead of time (Hirsch 2005). Nuclear power is too expensive, 37 costly reactors predicted to shut down and A third of Nuclear Reactors are going to die of old age in the next 10-20 years. What utility wants to spend billions of dollars and wait a decade before a penny of revenue and a watt of electricity is generated?

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