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PURPOSE: Pathogenic variants in ARID1B are one of the most frequent causes of intellectual disability (ID) as determined by large-scale exome sequencing studies.

Most studies published thus far describe clinically diagnosed Coffin-Siris patients (ARID1B-CSS) and it is unclear whether these data are representative for patients identified through sequencing of unbiased ID cohorts (ARID1B-ID).

Directors were given very little artistic freedom, pressured instead to produce a very limited range of genres and styles for the promotion of government policy.

Over the decade, attendance levels plunged as audiences turned to television (MBC-TV first debuted on August 8, 1969) or other forms of entertainment.

Diana's possible relatives include Alvan D Berry, Bianca N Berry, Christina Berry, Christina M Woods, Harry Joe Moore.

Diana's most recent address is 7509 W Cornelison Cir, Wichita, KS 67212-7382.

Dan-ju chases after her, and the two end up spending the day together.

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